About Michael Kindregan – Founder of MK Health

Hi, my name is Michael Kindregan. I am the founder of MK Health and the person you’re most likely to meet should you sign up to one of our programmes. I am also available to give talks to groups of people interested in nutritional therapy, personal training, health coaching or general well being.

I have always had a keen interest in nutrition and fitness

I trained as a nutritional therapist in the Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health. I also completed a diploma in personal training. I gained experience as a nutritional therapist while working in a health store and worked in a gym. It was during this time that I worked one to one with clients as a nutritional therapist, gave several talks and ran group programmes on healthy living. I am keenly aware of the challenges people face in their day to day lives and have seen first-hand their confusion when trying to get to grips with their health.

I managed to turn my passion into a profession

My mission is simple – to share what scientists have learned and know to be true with as many people as possible. I count myself lucky that I love what I do, that I get to meet great people every day and witness them transform their lives.